Starboard Plugin

The starboard plugin provides an ongoing board of highlighted messages through community voting.


Command Name Description Default Level Usage
!stars show {mid} Displays the given starred message Trusted !stars show 320312743842545664
!stars stats [user] Presents starboard statistics for the whole server or the given user Moderator !stars stats OR !stars stats 330770985450078208
!stars block {user} Prevents the user from starring any messages and prevents their messages from being starred Moderator !stars block @Aperture#8658 OR !stars block 330770985450078208
!stars unblock {user} Unblocks a user from the starboard Moderator !stars unblock @Aperture#8658 OR !stars unblock 330770985450078208
!stars hide {mid} Hides a starred message from the starboard Moderator !stars hide 320312743842545664
!stars unhide {mid} Unhides a hidden message Moderator !stars unhide 320312743842545664
!stars lock Prevents any new starred messages from being posted to the starboard Administrator !stars lock
!stars unlock Enables starred messages to be posted Administrator !stars unlock
!stars check {mid} Updates star reaction count on given message Administrator !stars check 320312743842545664

Configuration Options

Option Description Type Default
channels Sets which channel starred messages should be posted to Dict Empty
clear_on_delete Whether a starboard entry is deleted if the original message is deleted Bool True
min_stars Minimum number of star reactions required before a message is posted to the starboard Int 1
star_color_max Sets the "max" star level. Changes shading of rich embed bar color per level and gives the starboard entry a different emoji at max level Int 15
prevent_self_star Whether to prevent a user from starring their own message Bool False
ignored_channels Channels to ignore List None
sources The only channels to allow stars from List None

Configuration Example

        clear_on_delete: true
        min_stars: 6
        star_color_max: 15
        prevent_self_star: true
        ignored_channels: []
        sources: []

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