Utility Plugin

The utility plugin provides a number of useful and fun commands


Command Name Description Default Level Usage
!cat Returns an image of a random cat Default !cat
!dog Returns an image of a random dog Default !dog
!duck Returns an image of a random duck Default !duck
!fox Returns an image of a random fox Default !fox
!bird Returns an image of a random bird Default !bird
!info [user] Returns information on the current User, or the User given. Default !info OR !info @Aperture#8658 OR !info 330770985450078208
!server [guild] Returns information on the current server or the Server ID if given. Default !server or !server 324806970538459139
!jumbo {emojis} Returns 128x128px images of the given emoji (Not supporting Animated Yet) Default !jumbo :cat: :dog: :rabbit:
!random coin Flips a coin and returns the result Default !random coin
!random number [end number] [start number] Returns a random number from 0-10 or in a range if specified Default !random number OR !random number 50 20
!r add {duration} {content} OR !remind {duration} {content} Adds a reminder. Bot will mention the user after the specified duration with the given message Default !r add 24h update announcements OR !remind 24h update announcements
!r clear Clears all of the user's reminders Default !r clear
!search {query} Searches for usernames that match given query Default !search b1nzy
!seen {user} Returns the timestamp of when the bot last saw a message from given user Default !seen 330770985450078208 OR !seen @Aperture#8658
!emoji {emoji} Returns some information pertaining to a certain emoji, including ID, name, picture, and whether it is animated or not (Also returns guild if it can resolve one.) Default !emoji :turtlebongo:

Configuration Options

Option Description Type Default
auto_role Once a member joins the server, it is given this role, or roles. List Empty
react_roles Allows users to add and remove roles through reactions. Dict Empty

Configuration Example

    auto_role: [00000000000000, 00000000000000]
        459510144355532810: # ID of the message you wish to use.
                517478366450810890: #ID of the emote (Currently Custom Only)
                    role: 00000000000000 #ID of the role to be given/removed on reaction add/remove

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