Spam Plugin

The spam plugin allows administrators and moderators to limit spam and enforce punishments on spammers. The plugin can be used to limit mass sending of:

  • General Spam
  • Mentions
  • Links
  • Attachments
  • Emojis
  • Newlines
  • Duplicate Messages

Configuration Options

Option Description Type Default
levels A mapping of levels to Spam Configurations. This will match any user with a level that is equal or lower Dict Empty
roles A mapping of roles to Spam Configurations. This will match any user with a certain role Dict Empty
channels A mapping of channels to Spam Configurations. Acts the same as roles and levels Dict Empty
ignored_channels A list of channels the spam plugin will ignore no matter what is set. List Empty

Spam Configuration

Option Description Type Default
punishment Sets which action is performed when the spam filter is triggered. Options are: NONE, MUTE, TEMPMUTE, BAN, TEMPBAN, KICK Str None
punishment_duration Required for TEMPBAN and TEMPMUTE punishments and determines how many seconds a punishment should last Int 300
count How many times an action should be performed for it to trigger the filter Int ???
interval Time period within which the count of actions should be performed to trigger the filter Int ???
max_messages Total number of messages that can be sent Dict Empty
max_mentions How many user mentions can be sent Dict Empty
max_links How many links can be sent Dict Empty
max_attachments How many attachments can be sent Dict Empty
max_emojis How many emojis can be sent Dict Empty
max_newlines How many new lines/line breaks can be sent Dict Empty
max_duplicates How many duplicate messages can be sent Dict Empty
clean Whether or not the offending messages which triggered spam detection should be deleted Bool False
clean_count Maximum number of messages to be deleted Int 100
clean_duration Maximum duration (in seconds) for which to delete messages Int 900

Configuration Example

        punishment: TEMPMUTE
        punishment_duration: 120
        clean: true
        clean_count: 50
        clean_duration: 500
          count: 10
          interval: 7
          count: 8
          interval: 30
          count: 10
          interval: 60
          count: 10
          interval: 60
          count: 100
          interval: 120
          count: 60
          interval: 120
          count: 5
          interval: 30
    ignored_channels: [00000000000000, 00000000000000]

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