Admin Plugin

The admin plugin provides a set of administrator commands that help in moderating active servers.


Command Name Description Default Level Usage
!join / add / give {role} Assigns a role if it's listed in the group_roles config setting Default !join PC OR !add Console OR !give Tabletop
!leave / remove / take {role} Removes a group role from a user Default !leave PC OR !remove Console OR !take Tabletop
!temprole {user} {role ID} {duration} [reason] Temporarily applies a role to a user Moderator !temprole 330770985450078208 295646805650046977 7d Trial Mod OR !temprole @Aperture#8658 295646805650046977 24h Member of the Day
!roles Returns a list of ids/names for all roles on the server. Useful for configuring other rowboat plugins Moderator !roles
!role add {user} {role} [reason] Adds a role to a user Moderator !role add 330770985450078208 Moderator Promotion from Member OR !role add Aperture#8658 Admin Pretty good Moderator
!role remove {user} {role} [reason] Removes a role from a user Moderator !role remove 330770985450078208 Administrator Demoted for being bad at job OR !role remove Aperture#8658 Mod Terrible moderator
!role unlock {role ID} Unlocks a role listed in the locked_roles config setting for 5 minutes, allowing permission updates Administrator !role unlock 346471724126044160
!archive (here / all) [count] Archives [count] many messages in the current channel Moderator !archive all 50 OR !archive here 50
!archive user {user} [count] Archives [count] many messages that a given user sent in the current guild Moderator !archive user 330770985450078208 100 OR !archive user @Aperture#8658 100
!archive channel {channel} [count] Archives [count] many messages in the given channel Moderator !archive channel 289482554250100736 20
!clean all [count] Cleans (deletes) [count] many messages in the current channel Moderator !clean all 20
!clean user {user} [count] Cleans [count] many messages a given user sent in the current channel Moderator !clean user 330770985450078208 50
!clean bots [count] Cleans [count] many messages sent by bots in the current channel Moderator !clean bots 30
!clean cancel Cancels any cleaning process running in current channel Moderator !clean cancel
!reactions clean {user} [count] [emoji] Removes the most recent count of reactions from a given user Moderator !reactions clean 330770985450078208 OR !reactions clean @Aperture#8658 30 OR !reactions clean 330770985450078208 20 :thinking:
!backups restore {user} Restores a user to the most recently saved member backup Moderator !backups restore 330770985450078208 OR !backups restore Aperture#8658
!backups clear {user ID} Deletes all saved backups for a user Moderator !backups clear 330770985450078208 OR !backups clear Aperture#8658
!stats {user} Presents general statistics for a given user Moderator !stats 330770985450078208 or !stats @Aperture#8658
!emojistats (global / server) most Displays the most / least used server emojis in the current guild / globally Moderator !emojistats global most OR !emojistats server least
!voice log {user} Displays a list of a given user's recent voice channel activity Moderator !voice log 330770985450078208 OR !voice log @Aperture#8658
!invites prune [uses] Deletes server invites with the given number of uses or less. Cleans 1 and 0 use invites if left blank Administrator !invites prune 5
!slowmode set [time] Sets the current channels slowmode to [time] in seconds. Administrator !slowmode set 3
!slowmode off Turns slowmode off in the current channel Administrator !slowmode off

Configuration Options

Option Description Type Default
confirm_actions Whether to confirm that an action was done in the current channel Bool True
role_aliases Aliases which can be used in place of role IDs in commands Dict Empty
group_roles Roles which can be joined and left by any user. These roles cannot grant any elevated permissions Dict Empty
locked_roles Prevents permission changes from being made to listed roles List Empty
persist Controls the member persistance settings Dict Empty

Member Persistance Settings

Option Description Type Default
roles Whether to recover roles when a user rejoins the server Bool False
role_ids A list of role ids which will be recovered if roles is true. Any other roles will be ignored when a user rejoins the server List Empty
nickname Whether to recover the nickname when a user rejoins the server Bool False
voice Whether to recover mute/deafen settings when a user rejoins the server Bool False

Configuration Example

      roles: true
      role_ids: [278810978722906112, 278972423502561280, 278972377587515392]
      nickname: true
      voice: false
      role1: 205769314199011329
      role2: 333806119199703042
      PC: 278810978722906112
      Console: 278972377587515392
      Tabletop: 278972423502561280
    locked_roles: [346471724126044160, 252184905075654657]

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