Tags Plugin

The tags plugin provides tag management. Tags help stop the need of having to copy and paste.


Command Name Description Default Level Usage
!tag create {name} {content} Creates a tag with the given content Trusted !tag create cool You're so cool
!tag {name} OR !tag show {name} Shows the content of a tag Trusted !tag cool OR !tag show cool
!tag info {name} Shows info (content, author, uses) about a tag Trusted !tag info cool
!tag remove {name} Deletes an existing tag Trusted !tag remove cool

Configuration Options

Option Description Type Default
max_tag_length Set the max length a tag can be. Int ???
min_level_remove_others Minumum level to delete other people's tags Int 50

Configuration Example

  max_tag_length: 1234
  min_level_remove_others: 50

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