What is Aperture?

Aperture is a Discord Bot cloned from the bot known as Rowboat, made by the Discord Staff Member b1nzy.

"Rowboat is a multi-purpose moderation and utility bot for Discord. It was built to help maintain and moderate extremely large servers and thus it bears a unique and refined feature-set."

Aperture and its team plan to uphold that same goal, but expand upon its range of features and addons that are given to it.

Adding Aperture To Your Server

Aperture is open to be added to any Discord Server you would like! We suggest joining the support server incase of any bugs/help needed with Aperture.

Dynamic Configuration

Aperture allows for in-depth configuration of it's plugins and commands through a single dynamic YAML configuration. Through the web interface administrators of a server can modify and update this configuration, which is reloaded instantly. This configuration format allows moderators and administrators extreme control over their server, while remaining agile for situations where critical adjustments need to be made instantly.

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