ModLog Plugin

The modlog plugin provides a mechanisim for logging various events and actions to one or more channels. The intention of the modlog is to provide a private feed of server events that administrators and moderators can use to better monitor and audit users actions. The modlog is extremely configurable, and thus fairly complex.


Command Name Description Default Level Usage
!modlog hush Disables tracking of message deletes in modlog Administrator !modlog hush
!modlog unhush Re-enables tracking of message deletes Administrator !modlog unhush

Configuration Options

Option Description Type Default
ignored_users A list of user ids which are ignored in the modlog. This is useful for ignoring bots that regularly delete or edit their messages List Empty
ignored_channels A list of channel ids which are ignored in the modlog. This is useful for ignoring private or high-activity channels List Empty
new_member_threshold The number of seconds an account is considered new Int 900 (15 minutes)
channels Mapping of channel names/ids to ModLog Configurations Dict Empty

ModLog Configuration

Option Description Type Default
include List of modlog actions to include. If empty this includes all mod log actions List Empty
exclude List of modlog actions to exclude. If empty this excludes no mod log actions List Empty
timestamps Whether to render timestamps along with loglines Bool False
timezone The timezone that timestamps are rendered in. Supported timezones TimeZone US/Eastern
compact A different Format for the modlog messages. Bool False


Action Description
CHANNEL_CREATE A channel is created
CHANNEL_DELETE A channel is deleted
GUILD_MEMBER_ADD A member joins
GUILD_MEMBER_REMOVE A member leaves (or gets kicked)
GUILD_ROLE_CREATE A role is created
GUILD_ROLE_DELETE A role is deleted
GUILD_BAN_ADD A ban is added
GUILD_MEMBER_ROLES_ADD A role is added to a member
GUILD_MEMBER_ROLES_RMV A role is removed from a member
MEMBER_ROLE_ADD A role is added to a member via a command.
MEMBER_ROLE_REMOVE A role is removed from a member via a command.
MEMBER_TEMP_MUTED A tempmute is added
MEMBER_MUTED A mute is added
MEMBER_UNMUTED A mute is removed
MEMBER_KICK A member is kicked
MEMBER_BAN A ban (with a reason) is added
MEMBER_SOFTBAN A softban is added
MEMBER_TEMPBAN A tempban is added
MEMBER_WARNED A warning is added
MEMBER_RESTORE A user rejoined and had their roles/nickname/etc restored
ADD_NICK A user adds a nickname
RMV_NICK A user removes a nickname
CHANGE_NICK A user changes their nickname
CHANGE_USERNAME A user changes their username
MESSAGE_EDIT A message is edited
MESSAGE_DELETE A message is deleted
MESSAGE_DELETE_BULK Multiple messages are deleted
VOICE_CHANNEL_JOIN A user joins a voice channel
VOICE_CHANNEL_LEAVE A user leaves a voice channel
VOICE_CHANNEL_MOVE A user moves voice channels
COMMAND_USED A user uses a rowboat command
SPAM_DEBUG A user triggered spam protection
CENSORED A user posted a message that was censored by the bot

Configuration Example

        compact: false
        timestamps: true
        timezone: Etc/GMT-8
        exclude: []
        include: []
    ignored_users: [330770985450078208]
    new_member_threshold: 86400

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